A little interview at C2E2 way back in 2011, Our little company was only 2 years old!

Posted by Tony Pucilowski on 14th Feb 2020

I came across this video and just had to share it!

An old interview with one of the ladies from The Gorgeous Geeks.

2011 C2E2 Convention in Chicago, our little comic book frame company

 was only about 2 years old here.

 I look sooo young!!!  ...and for some reason I sound like I just inhaled a helium balloon.

I love how my wife, Charissa sneaks in a couple cameo appearances into the background at about 30 seconds and one minute in, lol!

We had not even changed our name to The Collectors Resource yet and we were making colored frames still.

This had to be one of the first times we offered the Tri-Fold display that we are talking a little about in the video.

It is amazing how so much has changed but the message is still the same!

Get your comic books out of the box, display and appreciate them!!!