A Little About Us

Do You Want to Enjoy Some of Your Favorite Comic Books

Without Having to Dig Them Out

of a Box Each Time?


                                                                                                            ....Yeah, Us Too!

 For over ten years now we have been providing high quality Comic Book Frames and Displays that highlight your comic book and keep it protected while on display. 

For Us it is the amazing artwork, the iconic covers and the key issues that keep us forever hunting for more and more books, but after we get our hands on them it seems the last thing we want to do is pack them away in a box.

                                                               ...And if you are here then we think you feel the same way.


In 2009 Rob and I decided to stop playing around and making sample frames and turn this idea into a business and literally right at that time we decided there would be just a couple rules we would always want to follow...

                                   -Make a Good Quality Product

                                   - Keep them affordable

     We really wanted a product that did not look like it was made in someones garage but more like something you would buy at any retail store, also we want anyone who buys any one of our comic book frames to feel like they are putting their own comic books in a a frame that is worthy of their book. 

  And as collectors ourselves we knew we needed to keep these as affordable as possible, I mean I would not want to spend hundreds at a custom frame shop when I could use that money to buy more comics!  And Honestly, this is partly why you do not see our frames in a lot of comic shops, good quality items are not cheap to manufacture, and keeping a low price point means the margins don't get much interest from retailers.  


 So Why Use a Frame From The Collectors Resource for Your Comic Book? 


Our Frames  are Made Specifically

For Comic Books


*   *   *   *   *


UV Safe Options for Every Type of Frame

to Protect Your Book While On Display


*   *   *   *   *   *


We Make Frames to Display Every Type, Size and Age

of Comic Book..As Well As Magazines too!


*   *   *   *   *


Consistency, -CNC Machined for accuracy

and powder coated for the same Beautiful,

Tough Finish, Every Time.


*   *   *   *   *


High Quality Displays for High Quality Comics!